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Texas Hedge ft. Ole Bjerg
November 16, 2016 02:10 AM PST
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Ole Bjerg joins The Big Trade for a fascinating conversation on the beauty of poker and its linkage to capitalism. Ole starts off by introducing his book “Poker: The Parody of Capitalism”, and his exploration of the philosophical and psychological component of poker; and Peter adds his thoughts on the origins of Monopoly to enhance the subject. The two then dive into strategies applied to this game as they both agree that particular hand of poker is perceived to have different gaming value. Following is a discussion on the parallel between the Casino and capitalism, Peter and Ole discuss on various topics including assets allocation, politics point of view, economic school of thoughts and global debt bomb.

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The Deep State ft. Doug Casey
November 08, 2016 08:18 AM PST
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This week, Doug Casey, best-selling author, world-renowned speculator, and libertarian philosopher, joins us for the second time. Doug starts off by talking his recent adventure to Zimbabwe, then shares his perspective and blueprint for developing countries. The two then delve into the Natural Law topic, Peter brings the story of European colonization of North America as a case study of this law. The conversation shifts to Doug’s newest book – “Speculator” as Doug teases a few interesting bits and philosophical thoughts of his novel. Peter and Doug then argue whether technological innovation and globalization is a threat to society. This episode concludes with a session on U.S. politics as they share their speculation on the upcoming presidential election and American deep state.

Wizards and Sharks ft. Jack Schwager
May 16, 2016 07:28 AM PDT
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Peter recently spoke with Jack Schwager, a futures and hedge fund industry expert as well as author of the book “ Market Wizards.” Jack starts off by discussing some of the competitive advantage studies that resonate with him. Then Peter and Jack turn their attention to the easing policies being implemented in the global monetary system, particularly negative interest rates in Japan and the EU. Jack also illustrates the value of “doing nothing” which is one of his theories. Next, Peter shares his one of his own trading strategies on using human psychology as a tool. To conclude, Peter and Jack share ideas on the need for traders to be adaptable, consistent and disciplined in their strategies.

Silver Lining ft. David Morgan
May 05, 2016 11:23 PM PDT
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David Morgan, a silver market analyst , joins “The Big Trade” series. Peter shares the origin of how he got to know David in the early 2000’s and how it influence his large position in silver. Next, they discuss the global currency system and silver price projections. They delve into the global debt and economic philosophy. David concludes with a warning to investors about the upcoming financial crisis.

Reminiscences of a Economic Hitman ft. John Perkins
April 28, 2016 08:49 PM PDT
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John Perkins, author of the book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" was recently on The Big Trade Series. John first discusses some inside information related to the Panama Papers leak. Peter and John then delve into why and how some companies and people chose Panama as a tax heaven. The conversation then moves onto frontier and emerging markets and how some, especially China, mostly invest in infrastructure to grow the economy by using debt. They then turn their attention to Vietnam, and how it will become more a part of the global economic community through trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. They also discuss Bolivia, a country with an uncertain economic and political situation.

War, Death and Gold ft. Jim Rickards
April 21, 2016 08:50 AM PDT
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Jim Rickards, author of the well-known book “Currency Wars,” joins The Big Trade series for an enlightening conversation on the world’s foreign exchange markets. Peter starts the conversation by mentioning the chronological logic of Jim’s published books, from “Currency Wars” to “The Death of Money” and “The New Case for Gold.” Jim also shares with Peter the evolution of his ideas. The discussion quickly shifts to the role of gold as a reserve currency in the modern economy and Jim gives his predictions about global currency markets. The two then delve into the Fed’s solvency, Jim explains why the U.S. Treasury is holding a lot of gold and its potential impact on China. A discussion on the gold war between China and U.S. concludes the episode.

Adventures of the VN30 Equal Weight Index ft. Jim Rogers
April 07, 2016 08:35 PM PDT
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Legendary investor, Jim Rogers, comes back to The Big Trade Series for an insightful conversation on capital markets. Peter and Jim start with an update on their US dollar positions, which they discussed last year. The discussion moves on to global currencies, they talk about the possible relationship between the US dollar and Chinese renminbi, the growth of the renminbi, and how some currencies would benefit from a rate hike. The conversation shifts to the agricultural industry and Peter talks about the attractiveness of this space in Vietnam. Jim then shares his thoughts on government incentives.

The two next delve into stock index construction for emerging countries. Peter discusses the challenges, including low liquidity, foreign ownership restrictions and the dominance of state-owned enterprises. He then mentions how an equal weight index – which he will launch very soon - will be able to handle these problems. This is followed by a discussion on various subjects, including the potential of the organic food sector, the synergy between China and Russia, the TPP and free trade agreements and the knowledge-based economy. Jim concludes the conversation by sharing his daily routine.

Analyzing Markets and Managing Risk ft. Howard Simons
March 30, 2016 09:47 PM PDT
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This week, Howard L. Simons, a prominent investor and president of Rosewood Trading - Simons Research, joins The Big Trade Series. Peter begins the conversation by announcing the official release of the Vietnamese edition of his book - The Big Trade. The two then delve into index construction and stock market components. Peter shares the exceptional features of VN30 equal weighted index, which will be launched next month by Peter's Phoenix Global Wealth Management. The dialogue then shifts to how negative rates in Europe impact the US economy and their potential influence in the future, Simon shares concerns about financial assets, commodities and global consumption. The episode wraps up with a conversation on the growth of global debt.

Views From the 6 ft. Norm Kelly
March 08, 2016 07:12 PM PST
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Norm Kelly, a city councilor for Toronto, Canada, joins us on The Big Trade series. Norm starts the conversation by providing context for the growth in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the last century and how Toronto became one of the biggest city in North America. The two then delve into Toronto’s growth, including how Toronto can sustain their top position, their potential to beat bigger cities in the United States, what they can do to continue their momentum, and their facilities for international expansion.
The discussion then shifts to social media as Norm shares his experience on producing content and attracting massive amounts of Twitter followers. The conversation progresses to culture, they discuss the similarities between the US and Canada, the success of Canadian pop culture in particular, and Toronto's entrepreneurial environment. Norm wraps up the episode by talking about the economic impact of Toronto hosting 2015's NBA All-Star Game and shares some local tourist destinations.

Is the World’s Most Sinful Fruit About to be Annihilated? ft. Dan Koeppel
January 22, 2016 12:39 AM PST
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Dan Koeppel, a banana connoisseur, joins The Big Trade Series for an interesting conversation on the most consumed fruit in the world. Peter and Dan start at the beginning with Adam and Eve and then bananas throughout history. Peter talks about the importance of bananas worldwide, and Dan shares his concerns about the Panama disease and its effects on the Cavendish banana – the world's most important commercial banana. The two then delve into the banana business model and the risk involved in mono-culture cultivation. This is followed by the interesting story of bananas in America and how it evolved from initially being avoided due to its shape, to becoming the most eaten fruit in this country. Dan then sheds light on investment opportunities involving bananas and shares some innovative industry growth ideas. This episode concludes by a discussion on ways to best enjoy bananas.

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